I had a three days headache that wasn’t getting any better. Tried every ‘headache pill’ out there and nothing was working … One visit to Toronto Body Mechanic to get acupuncture treatment was my solution… made it all better. Leaving me refreshed and ready to continue my days work.. ? Would definitely recommend it!!

Gonzales GarciaFitness Elite

All your needs will be taken care of here! Ernesto knows what where and when you need care! And he knows how to take those aches and pains away! The staff is also great and friendly. You have to check them out, just don’t take my word, go see them for yourselves!

Paul Chaplain

Our entire family sees Ernesto for various treatments. My husband and I both see Ernesto for lower back pain and sciatica and have seen a tremendous improvement. Ernesto is professional, knowledgeable and an exceptional massage therapist. We trust him with our three children who all have had injuries due to sports. They all enjoy receiving treatments from Ernesto and his staff.

Lucy Sestito

Toronto Body Mechanic has been a great addition to my Heath care.  I have been training with Fatima (personal trainer) for 6 months and I can see the incredible  chances in my body.  She keeps me motivated and is very accommodating with times of training schedules. On the reverse side, when my body is feeling the burn I see my RMT, Ernesto who is the master muscle whisperer.  Great place to be for all around health care.  Two thumbs up!

Gabriela Vescio

There is nothing more important to training than a massage to assist in flushing out toxins and increasing recovery of sore muscles.  A big thank you to Ernesto for the fabulous massages to help me be my best on stage!!

Loriann Toplak

(Fitness Elite)
I can’t thank Ernesto enough for making me feel so damn good at almost fifty. After years of training as a competitive Figure Skater, coaching, and the birth of four children my body has suffered from a bit of wear and tear. Ernesto is so knowledgeable with a lot of experience who has great instincts and healing hands. He can locate my problem areas easily and take away the pain I am having. Whenever I get hurt I am so very lucky that I have Ernesto to call for help. Very happy and very grateful.
Sheri Forhan

The clinic has everything you need to live a healthy more enjoyable life.  I’ve had the chance to use all the services from Naturopath to Personal Training and each person has an amazing ability to motivate you and spike your interest to learn and do more.  I’ve been using the personal training service for over a year now and it’s definitely helped me with my energy level and muscle building.  I feel so much stronger now and for someone who thought they were in shape already it’s has really made a difference to my stamina and physique.  Thank you to Ernesto, Fatima and Team Toronto Body Mechanic for helping me understand what I’m capable of.

Daisy Samaniego

Ernesto Castillo had been my “go-to” RMT for 15 years. In fact, I have followed up with each of his last three clinic moves, before he opened up his current clinic-Toronto Body Mechanic. I first started seeing Ernesto on a monthly basis to help me with recurring lower back pain. He had since treated me for sciatica, a double herniated back disc, plantar fasciitis and now a fractured foot. While my regular doctors simply prescribe pain medications, it is Ernesto that actually treats the pain and doesn’t just mask it. On average, I see Ernesto every 3 weeks. His treatments help keep my body as pain free as possible. Ernesto modifies each and every session to treat my areas of concern. He adapts his treatments to meet my needs. He also adapts his treatments to ensure that I am not in pain. For ex, after surgery, I had to lie face up for my treatments as I wasn’t able to lie in any other way without pain. When I am not in pain, I also see Ernesto for traditional relaxation massages. I wouldn’t think of ever going to another RMT. Why would I when I already have the best?

Kirsten Mahaffy

I wanted to sincerely thank Ernesto for keeping my temple feeling on top of it’s game at all times and allowing me to keep pushing the bar. From construction during the day to my hybrid workouts which include a two muscle workout followed by 45 mins of calisthenics, followed by boxing to finish it off. He has my body feeling all loose with no tension allowing me to perform at my peak. Thanks again Ernesto, a true master of his craft to say the least.

Kevin Mc Neil